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I am interested in any Vietnam stories, jokes, situations, first impressions, or comments that fit the theme of the book. While the focus is primarily on the Navy, comments are solicited from other services, particularly Vietnamese Navy views of Americans.

Please write up any memories of situations that you believe would fit the book's theme. Major portions of the book will address:

  • Your rationale for volunteering for Vietnam duty.
  • First impressions on arrival of your base, Vietnam, operational area, staffs, regulations, Army, R&R, on leaving, returning home.
  • Vietnamization (problems, successes, failures, and humor).
  • Intercultural Relations issues (Personal Response program and other efforts).
  • The country, customs, culture, and the Vietnamese.
  • Experience with any of the ethnic minorities, such as Cue, Kha, Meo, Muong, etc.
  • The R&R programs.
  • The policies, rules, and decisions of the staffs and support units.

Mail or email your story for use in 365 And A Wake-Up. Provide your name and address if you would like to receive credit in the book and what you do now. All stories used will be acknowledged to the provider by name, and of course, you will receive an autographed copy of the book when published. If you have a great picture you believe might illustrate an issue or just show you off at your unit, I will gladly consider including it in the book-with credits, of course.

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